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Types Of Lawn Mower Batteries

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Types Of Lawn Mower Batteries

Lawn mower Batteries Take Care Of Your Work Care for Them

This article describes the type of lawn mower batteries and the way you should care for them. The article details the systematic approach for your lawnmower batteries to make them long lasting.

Why Did You Choose Battery Operated Lawnmower

You have chosen a battery operated lawn mower, as you did not wish mess with fuel requirement, noise and the pollution from your gasoline-operated lawnmower. You did not choose the electric one with the long cord that you be a safety hazard for you and your family member. The battery operated lawnmower will be suitable for areas under 1 acre.

Types of Lawnmower Batteries

Lawnmower batteries are rechargeable batteries working on the principle of chemical generation and storage of electricity. These batteries have been in existence for a long time now and new maintenance free nickel cadmium batteries have come up with advantage over lead acid batteries used for long time in automotives. The types of batteries are,

Alkaline batteries: Used for small capacity portable electric devices. Not used in lawnmowers.

Lead acid batteries: Used in lawnmowers and cars, they are slowly being replaced Nickel cadmium batteries

Nickel cadmium batteries: This is a new type of low maintenance battery. It is replacing lead acid battery nearly everywhere.

Lithium and other types: Presently not used in lawnmowers due to high cost and its storage capacity is low.

Details of Batteries Used In Lawnmowers

As is already said only two types of batteries are used in lawnmowers, the lead acid battery and the nickel cadmium (Ni-Cad for short). The Ni-Cad batteries are better in performance and are environment friendly. The lead acid batteries have to be recycled. They cannot be dumped in garbage. The lead is a dangerous chemical causing lead poisoning. For this reason when you replace the lead acid battery, it has to be taken back to the dealer.