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Lifeline and Concorde Batteries

by Sep 8, 2021Blog0 comments

Lifeline and Concorde Batteries

Concorde batteries are deep cycle batteries that are needed in a variety of automotive and marine equipment. Deep cycle batteries are important for starting in a machine that requires lots of power for start up. Concorde batteries are AGM batteries that use absorbent silicon plates, which is a better alternative of other sealed batteries. There are numerous battery models to choose from, and all serve different types of equipment.

Types. Concorde has several different types of batteries available for different needs. The Lifeline series of Concorde batteries come in several models. The Lifeline 27 and the Lifeline 24 are 12 volt batteries, while the Lifeline GC2 is a 6 volt battery.

Specifications. All Concorde Lifeline batteries are AGM batteries as previously mentioned. AGM stands for absorbent glass mat, which is essentially plates within the battery that absorb the electrolyte acid. AGM batteries have the advanced because they can take more abuse and be positioned in any matter. With other sealed lead acid batteries, they must be stored upright to avoid leaking.

Deep Cycle Batteries. Lifeline has performed years of research to develop the best battery for deep cycle start up, best cranking performance, and backup capacity. Lifeline batteries are not only used in marine and RVs, but also for batteries in US Marine and Air Force equipment.

Concorde or Lifeline batteries are a great choice for any marine, RV, or home battery use. With researched technology, whatever the equipment will have the best battery power available.