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How Can You Extend The Life Of Deep Cycle Lead-Acid Batteries?

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If you use an off-grid different power system, you will require a battery bank with deep cycle batteries.

One of the most standard deep cycle batteries used in off-grid power systems is (deep cycle) lead-acid batteries because they’re reputable, budget-friendly, and able to release and reenergize continuously deeply.

However, a great deal is expected of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries in off-grid power systems. The regular and consistent deep discharging places a great deal of stress on the batteries.

But if you take appropriate treatment of the batteries and make a few suggestions and techniques, we’ll instruct you in this post, and you can take full advantage of the lifespan of your deep cycle batteries.

In this article, we’ll not only show you our top seven ways to extend the life of your lead-acid deep cycle batteries.

We’ll also explain some of one of the most usual blunders we see individuals making when they use lead-acid deep cycle batteries in their off-grid energy system (so you don’t make the same blunders)!

The Battery Bank Is The Achilles Heel Of Solar/Wind/Off-Grid Power Equipments

Before we give you our leading seven pointers and methods, we want to recognize why this detail is significant.

One one of the most costly parts of an off-grid power system is the battery bank. Unfortunately, the batteries are typically among the first things to fail in a system.

Solar Cell Bank With Replaced Batteries

Improper battery treatment commonly kills the batteries in the battery bank well before their time. This requires individuals to purchase brand-new costly batteries and cripples their off-grid system until they replace the dead batteries.

So correct treatment is critically vital, so you prevent premature aging of your batteries and optimize their life expectancy.

Quick Idea: If your deep cycle lead-acid batteries do die or if you want to save cash on your battery bank, you can:

Get old batteries free (or economical if you know where to look).
Replace them with 100% of their initial functioning problem.
And construct your battery bank institution with those batteries as opposed to brand-new pricey batteries.

Seven Ways To Extend The Life Of Lead-Acid Deep Cycle Batteries.

# 1) Make Use Of High-Quality Batteries.

So this tip probably seems apparent; however, the old proverb ‘You obtain what you pay for holds for many deep cycle batteries.

Affordable off-brand batteries from China are flooding the marketplace today, and you wish to stay clear of using these. They typically have a much shorter lifespan contrasted to high-quality batteries that you pay a little extra for ahead of time.

Premium quality level plate batteries can last between 10-12 years. In addition, the extra expensive tubular plate batteries can even last as long as 20-25 years if maintained effectively.

Paying for better batteries upfront that lasts 10-25 years might seem pricey. However, it ends up being extra costly to get affordable batteries after replacing them every couple of years (since they pass away very early).

If you want to save cash on your battery bank, don’t buy “affordable” batteries; instead, get top-quality used batteries and also refurbish them back to their initial problem.

Do not recognize what batteries to make use of? If you don’t understand what sort of batteries to obtain for your off-grid power system, read our write-up concerning the three best batteries for off-grid energy systems.
# 2) Proactively Stop Rust.

Even if you use the most costly, top-notch batteries in your battery bank, it won’t be useful if the batteries aren’t looked after and rust or acid gets on them.

Extend the lifespan of lead-acid deep cycle batteries before you assemble all of the components of your battery bank; make sure to individually coat the terminals, wire lugs, nuts, and bolts with a non-hardening sealer.

You can likewise apply a thin finish of oil jelly to the battery terminals for some extra protection.

Last but not least, seal exposed cable at a terminal lug using submersible rubber splice tape or something comparable.

Every one of these needs to be done before setting up because it ensures that every one of the components is just as protected. If you use safety compounds after setting up the system, there is an excellent chance that dirt will get into small areas that weren’t correctly covered.

# 3) See To It That the Battery Bank and also PV Array are Correctly Sized.

If you’re using a solar panel or wind power system, you need to make sure that your battery bank is big enough to carry six to ten days of load.

How To Make Sure:

You’ll constantly have a good backup supply of power.
As well as you’ll likewise have the ability to utilize your batteries a little bit much more carefully, so you don’t have to train them continually.
# 4) Completely Cost The Batteries Every Three Weeks.

Lead Acid Battery MaintenanceAt the very least, ensure to completely charge your batteries every three weeks.

This lowers corrosion on the within and makes sure equalization.

# 5) Keep Your Batteries at an Ideal Temperature level.

Because temperature extremes make batteries deteriorate much quicker, you must maintain your batteries in an area where the temperature level is relatively secure.

Besides enclosed above-ground frameworks, you can also develop a structure that is partly below ground. By doing this, the temperature in the system will continue to be the same no matter what the climate is like outside.

On top of that, ensure that the charge controller or inverter system is integrated into the temperature level payment function. This is necessary because the fee voltage limit of a battery boosts as the temperature level drops and reduces at temperatures increase.

# 6) Do Not Mount More Than Three Identical Battery Strings.

Ideally, your battery bank needs just to be made up of a solitary collection of cells. The more cells that are consisted of, the higher the possibility of there being random problems. There’s additionally a higher opportunity of shedding equalization, resulting in cells falling short prematurely.

If you can not stick to simply a solitary series of cells in your battery bank, restrict it to 3 identical battery strings.

# 7) Mount a Renewable Energy System Digital Monitor.

A renewable resource system display will certainly help you track the performance of your system (consisting of the battery bank).

It will certainly also help you fix any issue that comes up with your system so you can set it before it develops into more significant trouble.

This will undoubtedly be particularly crucial if you depend on the power from your off-grid power system and live in a remote area.

It will also help you keep your batteries so you do not have any expensive shock repair services and can have been prevented.

What else can you do to make your lead-acid deep cycle batteries last much longer?

There are additional ways you can expand the life of your deep cycle lead-acid batteries. We cover all of these techniques in the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program.

Reconditioning 12v deep cycle lead-acid BatteryAdditionally, you can likewise bring old or dead lead-acid deep cycle batteries back to life again with the EZ Battery Refurbishing program.

This will permit you to provide your old batteries a “second life,” so you don’t need to buy brand-new costly batteries for your battery bank.

Or you can even build a whole battery bank with utilized batteries that can get free (or economical) that you replace with our system.

You can learn more right here.